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WhatsApp has grown in popularity manifolds ever since it was launched. Users are particularly fond of the WhatsApp user interface and features.
The status feature of WhatsApp was released in the year 2015. This allows us to share gifs, videos, and images as one’ As a status, for a period of 24 hours. It is fun to change status frequently. One’s friends are always on a lookout for what one’s next status is going to be.
It is okay to download or share statuses every once in a while. This may be a friendly gesture at times. Similarly, people are unlikely to come to know that you have copied the WhatsApp status from one of your friends.
Text, videos and gifs can however be stored as status messages for a period of 24 hours alone. Beyond that they disappear. Youngsters and people of all ages like to put new and exciting videos as their statuses with Whatsapp status videos download.
This is a fun feature. Prior to setting videos and gifs as statuses, a user could only set text as his status. There are limitations to setting text as the WhatsApp status. The element of excitement is missing. Not everyone is amused by a text status. Over time, one may feel that his friends do not read his text status as well.
But using gifs and videos is a more interesting alternative over having a text status. In fact, a large number of people use photographs for their WhatsApp status. A picture speaks a thousand words, even while it has no captions. A WhatsApp user can use a photo status to tell about places he has been to, dishes he has recently tried out and the people he came by. Similarly, very well shot selfies can be used as WhatsApp status.
One can use photos shot from their own phones as the WhatsApp status. Alternately, one can use posters of upcoming movies as their WhatsApp status.
A few of the users like to use images of memorable events, such a NFL league victories as their WhatsApp statuses. Similarly, a few like to use image of celebrities as their WhatsApp status.
There are cases wherein videos can be used as WhatsApp statuses. While shooting videos for making WhatsApp statuses, one has to keep in mind that one is catering to a broad audience of friends. Users hence sometimes avoid using personal videos as statuses for WhatsApp status video download.
Hence, one can find WhatsApp videos from the internet and use them as statuses. People of different age groups like to use different kinds of videos as their WhatsApp statuses. Youngsters and teenagers like to have videos of pop sensations as their WhatsApp statuses. Sometimes they like to have sporting heroes’ videos as well.
It is best if the WhatsApp statuses have an element of humor among them. Hence one can use hilarious gifs as WhatsApp statuses. Sometimes they can feature funny animals as well. Funny videos of cats and dogs are frequently doing rounds over the internet.
A WhatsApp status video can then be more purpose specific. As an example, if one owns a corporate company, his WhatsApp status can be a commercial for his company.
The choices are essentially endless for figuring the right kind of a video for one’s WhatsApp status. If there is an element of entertainment in such videos, it amuses ones friends further still.
Over the internet, hence, one can come across a range of clips and custom videos that are made from Bollywood songs or regional songs. They are created to be used as WhatsApp statuses alone. One can henceforth find categories such as Bollywood songs, Tamil songs, Punjabi songs, and so on.
A few of the scientifically inclined people share videos of robotics innovations as their WhatsApp statuses. Similarly, a marine biologist may want to share a scuba diving adventure video as his WhatsApp status.
Romantic videos are the kind of WhatsApp statuses that go down well with just about everyone. They are fun and innovative, and large number of users prefers to use such videos as their WhatsApp status video download.
Such videos also allow lover and couples to share their emotions over WhatsApp story. At times WhatsApp users are on a lookout for a number of romantic videos, which they can use as their WhatsApp status. Apart from romantic videos, they also like to use quotations for their WhatsApp statuses.
WhatsApp status videos are characteristically versatile. They are fit for use not just as WhatsApp statuses, but also as generic videos for sharing over social media channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.
One can see the WhatsApp status videos first, over the website. If one likes the video, one can share it as his WhatsApp status. If one does not like the video, one can repeat the procedure with another video.
One can find a 30 sec whatsapp status video that he likes, and then share it as his WhatsApp status. Similarly, if one likes a lot of romantic WhatsApp videos, one can download a lot of romantic WhatsApp videos. One can then share them as his WhatsApp statuses. As an example, if you download seven romantic videos, you can put a new video each day as your WhatsApp status.
In order to make your WhatsApp status more interesting for the viewers, it is best for a WhatsApp user to use the latest videos as the WhatsApp status. There are times wherein people are on a lookout for trailers of the latest movies. They do not come across the same while they do not watch music channels over the TV.
But when your friends come across trailers of the latest movies over your WhatsApp status, they are sure to see your status. They may also associate you with the latest movie, which is nice.
Similarly, it may not be very fruitful to put videos of older songs as WhatsApp status video download. Your friends are sure to have seen those videos. Seeing them over and over again might induce an element of boredom. So, in order to induce a refreshing change, one can put the videos of the latest songs as WhatsApp status. This is sure to come across as fun.
The best part is that the videos for making WhatsApp statuses are video edited to perfection. All one needs to do is download them, and then one can use these videos as one’s WhatsApp status. Video editing or trimming the videos by oneself is not required. There are cases wherein people are particular that they want videos in regional languages to be their WhatsApp statuses. These too are easy to find. This adds to the WhatsApp users’ delight factor. Such videos are high quality. They are characteristically 2-4 MB HD videos. One can find WhatsApp status videos in Hindi, or in regional languages such as Tamil or Punjabi.
Downloading the 30 sec whatsappp status video is easy as well. All one needs to do is click or tap over download. The video starts downloading over one’s device.
A generic category for WhatsApp status videos is friendship videos. A friend in need is a friend in deed. Therefore, one must keep in touch with one’s friends. In busy times such as the present, WhatsApp comes by as one of the finest ways of staying in touch with one’s friends. When a WhatsApp user shares a friendship related video as his WhatsApp status, his friends are going to feel good. Therefore every now and then, one must share friendship videos as his WhatsApp status.
The best part is that friendship videos for WhatsApp status are nowadays easy to find. It does not take much to share a friendship video as the WhatsApp status. All one needs to do is to click or tap on download. The video downloads over one’s device. One can then make the video his WhatsApp status. This is sure to warm the heart of one’s friend.
Below the friendship video, one can mention an interesting caption as well. This will delight your friend circle and all your friends will be very happy.
Having the right kind of WhatsApp status is essentially very important in the present day world. It is a reflection of who you are and lays an implication over how the world perceives you. WhatsApp, currently finds over 1 billion users across the world. Your friend circle is sure to be over WhatsApp. Hence it is important for you to be present over WhatsApp as well. Define your presence with the latest romantic or friendship video. This will delight your friends when they see your WhatsApp status.
Similarly, your WhatsApp status video also defines the kind of person you are and works towards attracting the right kind of a friend circle.
The right kind of a WhatsApp status video will help you share the story of your life with your friends. Friendship WhatsApp Status videos are the most generic among all kinds of videos. WhatsApp is a tremendous medium that lets you keep in touch with your friends, irrespective of the part of the world they reside in.