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Saare Bolo Bewafa Song B Praak Full Screen Status Video – Best In 2023

“Saare Bolo Bewafa Song Status Video” is a Hindi song released in 2021. It is sung by B Praak, with lyrics by Jaani and music by B Praak himself. The song was released under the label of Desi Melodies.

Saare Bolo Bewafa Song B-Praak Full-HD Whatsapp Status Videos


Saare Bolo Bewafa Song FullScreen Status Videos

Saare Bolo Bewafa Song B Praak Status Video


Saare Bolo B Praak Sad Status Video


Saare Bolo Bewafa B-Praak Song Status Videos



The song is a heart-wrenching ballad that talks about the pain of betrayal in love. The lyrics express the emotions of a broken heart and the singer’s soulful voice adds to the melancholic mood of the song. The music is minimalistic, with the focus being on the vocals and the lyrics.

The music video of the song features popular actor and model Siddharth Gupta and actress Niharika Agarwal. The video showcases a couple’s journey through love, betrayal, and heartbreak. It is shot beautifully and captures the essence of the song’s emotions perfectly.

As for the full-screen status video, it is a type of video that is designed to fit the entire screen of a smartphone or tablet device. It is typically used as a social media status update or as a personalized video message. Many fans of the song “Saare Bolo Bewafa” have created their own full-screen status videos using clips from the official music video and other creative elements.

In conclusion, “Saare Bolo Bewafa” is a soulful Hindi song that beautifully captures the pain of heartbreak. Its emotional lyrics and B Praak’s powerful voice make it a must-listen for anyone who has ever experienced the pain of betrayal in love. While I cannot provide a full-screen status video of the song, I hope this information helps you appreciate the song’s beauty even more.

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